Ok, Now the Shop is REALLY Back! (or Using Crafts to Make a Difference)

I’ve had a lot of changes happening in the last couple of years. I’ve moved to a new city and now I think it’s time to start up my Etsy shop again. This time I’m focusing on DIY kits and projects. I’d like to help spread creativity. I’ll still pop some of my own work into the shop now and again but for now I’m going to work on teaching folks new skills.


The first thing I’m making available is a pom pom kit. It includes 4 acrylic templates of various sizes and a bit yarn to get started. I’ll provide printed and digital instructions.

The idea for making this came from my own adventures in pom pom making. I had cut some templates out of cardboard but they didn’t hold up for long. So my sweet uncle over at BPaw’s Woodshop cut the templates out of acrylic for me. I used the templates to finish my own pajaki. I am still amused that I was inspired to make it because of seeing them in a video game (The Witcher 3.)



For personal reasons I have also decided to start donating part of the proceeds of my sales to Planned Parenthood, The Human Rights Campaign, or The Southern Poverty Law Center. I will probably rotate among them. Because I haven’t started selling yet I’m not sure what percentage I’ll be donating. It’ll be between 10% and 50% once I work out the logistics. So forgive the vagueness. I will post receipts of all my donations on the blog so that everyone can see that I am donating.


I’m excited about this new direction. Helping others is a great motivation to stay creative.


[[EDIT 9:30 PM] I just added a few digital download instructions and patterns. 100% of the proceeds from digital downloads will be donated. One of my dear friends created these patterns for our old business, The WonderCraft, and has kindly given me permission to use them.]