Pom Poms and My First Foray into Video Land

Eek! I’m uploading my first YouTube how-to video. I’m sure no one is surprised it’s a video on how to make pom poms because I’m still obsessed all these months later. I’m using one of the acrylic templates my uncle cut out for me. You can find them in my Etsy shop, or scroll down to download a template you can cut out from cardboard.

I did the pom pom video first just to get the hang of things. I discovered my lighting wasn’t great so I made a DIY ring light. I mostly used this YouTube video by Hey Nikki but made a few minor adjustments because I knew I’d be hanging mine horizontally. I attached some pipe cleaners at the bottom so I could fasten it to the tripod. I also made the pipe cleaners attached to the cold shoe (not pictured because I hadn’t received it in the mail yet so just tested it out with more pipe cleaners) a bit stiffer by running them through a pen tube and hot gluing craft sticks to the other side so it wouldn’t sag, then wrapping it all up with more tape. My test video worked out great. I didn’t even need to dim the lights with the remote I bought. But it’s still a fun toy. I can’t wait to try it out on my next DIY videos.









As for software, I’m using VSDC. It’s a free video editor and it only took me a couple of days to make a video I was happy with. There are a ton of videos on YouTube to help you along.

So, check out my video. I hope you like it. And again, scroll down to get the template, or buy a sturdier version from my Etsy shop.



Click the image to download the templates. You can cut them out of cardboard easily but be warned they don’t last if you need make quite a few pom poms so be sure to cut out a few. Don’t forget you can also use a fork or your hand to make them as well. The principle is the same. I know there are a million different pom pom makers out there but these are simple, easy, and there aren’t multiple parts to lose. I like them.