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Geeky Inspiration

I’ve been getting a kick out of Neill Cameron’s blog for the past few weeks. He has been doing an A-Z of Awesomeness (or going through the alphabet letter by letter and doing a really great comic-inspired illustrations). Here is a link to his explanation. My favorites so far have been the D and the J. Lately, I have been reveling in my geeky predisposition. I don’t even mind that I have become a cliche. So enjoy what has been tickling my fancy lately and expect some more geeky designs to come your way!

I Like Robots

Figured I’d continue with the cartoon images I’ve been coming up with and retool my robots. You can’t have enough geeky designs as far as I’m concerned. And now that I received my cufflink blanks (finally! Yeah!) I needed new designs to work with. The circuit board pictures just begged for an illustrated robot to accompany them. He’s almost smiling! He’s trying his best.