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Easter Birthday DIY Wedding… Whew!

What happens when two impatient redheads get engaged? We end up throwing all of our October carnival-themed wedding plans out the window, that’s what. Why wait? We decided to just go ahead and get married after my birthday brunch in our backyard. That gave us exactly 7 days to figure out all the details. It is accurate to say that our friends and family just about had a heart attack. Maybe that is how I decided on the theme!




Pinterest was a big help in finding some easy, quick, but fun decorating ideas.



I bought tons of felt and ribbon and started cutting out hearts. Along with the garlands, I made my heart hair decorations, a heart pin for my shrug, and Shawn’s heart boutonniere. Along with the hand made garlands, we also had little paper lanterns hanging from the trees.



I thought I had a dress ready to go but my idea on dying it another color was a bust so a new dress had to be found. Luckily, I had come across a dress at Charm School Vintage several months ago and it was still there. I’m glad Kim was there to talk me into getting it. It was perfect. With a few alterations from the fabulous Beth, it fit like a glove. Kim made my bouquet the day before and it was amazing.




My talented mom made our beautiful wedding cake from scratch. It was strawberry flavored. I made the cake topper with some wooden hearts, chalkboard paint, and a dowel.




Luckily, Shawn and I had already built the photo booth months ago and had been testing it out at various events.




Beth made a guest book for everyone to glue their photo booth pictures into and write a little note to us.


We also had a piñata and cascarones. I’m from South Texas and piñatas were a familiar sight at birthday parties and other celebrations. It has been years since I had one of my own so why not? I don’t even mind that I’ll be finding confetti in my house for years to come.




Shawn had also made washer boards the weekend before in anticipation for my birthday BBQ party.



And last, but not least, my wonderful new husband waited until the ceremony to give me my birthday present… (which I suspect the making of helped his decision to speed up the wedding.)



Shawn and I wanted to thank everyone who made our special weekend possible: Kim and Beth- you guys and your creative energy amaze me everyday; Aurora- thank you for your help with the decorations; Adam, Crystal, Aurora, Kim, and Brianne- thanks for the amazing wedding photos; Mom- you have been making my birthday cakes since my first birthday. I’m glad that you made my wedding cake. Best cake ever. Shawn and I are very blessed to have our group of friends and our loving family.


Hearts Afire (repost from The WonderCraft Blog)

Thought I’d share my latest project. I was sitting at my table during the Staple! show listening to my neighbor talk about how his friend modified one of those blank Munny’s by cutting out it’s chest and dangling a heart from the inside. Somehow that translated into this necklace idea.

Design Sketch

I started with a sketch. The idea for the ring around the heart was modeled after a hose clamp, like the ones you find under the hood of your car. I wanted to add texture so I thought it would be nice to make the heart out of felt.

Cutting the Silver

I had intended to use brass for the ring but couldn’t find it due to my recent move so I finally cut into the silver sheets I’ve had laying around for years. It felt good being brave enough to use it.

Forming the Ring

So I cut into the silver, drilled holes at each end, shaped it around one of my mandrels and bent the ends. I took some wire, looped it and hung some chain from the center.

Assembling the Pieces

I cut out the felt heart…

Finished Heart

… sewed the edges and stuffed it with cotton.

DIY Felt and Silver Pendant

Add some chain and there is my necklace idea pretty much how I was imagining it. Which is a rare thing, but a pleasant surprise.