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My Etsy shop has been collecting dust for years now. It’s still empty as I write this but I’m sweeping out the cobwebs in preparation for the jewelry I’ve been making. I’m hoping to have it stocked by June. My sweet uncle has been helping me. He has a laser cutter so he’s been cutting out my designs for me. He also has an Etsy shop you should check out called BPaw’s Workshop. He can make all sorts of custom wood pieces.

So enjoy a sneak peek until I get these into my shop:









Hearts Afire (repost from The WonderCraft Blog)

Thought I’d share my latest project. I was sitting at my table during the Staple! show listening to my neighbor talk about how his friend modified one of those blank Munny’s by cutting out it’s chest and dangling a heart from the inside. Somehow that translated into this necklace idea.

Design Sketch

I started with a sketch. The idea for the ring around the heart was modeled after a hose clamp, like the ones you find under the hood of your car. I wanted to add texture so I thought it would be nice to make the heart out of felt.

Cutting the Silver

I had intended to use brass for the ring but couldn’t find it due to my recent move so I finally cut into the silver sheets I’ve had laying around for years. It felt good being brave enough to use it.

Forming the Ring

So I cut into the silver, drilled holes at each end, shaped it around one of my mandrels and bent the ends. I took some wire, looped it and hung some chain from the center.

Assembling the Pieces

I cut out the felt heart…

Finished Heart

… sewed the edges and stuffed it with cotton.

DIY Felt and Silver Pendant

Add some chain and there is my necklace idea pretty much how I was imagining it. Which is a rare thing, but a pleasant surprise.

Rock n Roll

In honor of my shoulder feeling better then acquiring a fabulously crispy sun burn that makes wearing clothes feel like a million little needles, I am going to post a few of my favorite etsy artists. Actually, the real inspiration for the artists I chose are all the river rocks I collected after I burned myself floating down the river at a family reunion this weekend. After the bad choice in non-waterproof sunblock, I decided it was best to play babysitter and amused myself with finding interesting stones while the kids hunted for fish with these awesome $2 toy nets. I love it when kids find more amusement in the cheapy stuff. Anyway, here are some very talented people who work with stones and pebbles (or at least imitate it well.)

Ashleyjewelry‘s fabulous rock pieces

Beth Cyr Fine Art Jewelry

Ad libitum– as you like it

Created by Abbe Ciulla of The Offbeat Artisans

Hardflower Studios

Kim Westad Ceramics