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Time to get Ready for Halloween!

So, I spent the weekend working on the fun stuff for my costume. My dad gave me this great blue hat that I spruced up with some feathers and a flower. I used the same feathers and flowers to embellish one of those mini hats that seem to be so popular on Etsy these days. Now I just have to decide which one to wear. They are both really cute.

I also made some jewelry that makes it look like my head and hands were stitched on to my body. I’ve seen a couple of people make these and they looked easy enough. I was right. I had a set whipped up in less than an hour. Of course, when I was trying them on to fit them I think I got super glue on my neck …


Mini Top Hat
Full size, vintage hat

Ring a Ling!

Here are some of my first rings. Any suggestions on ways to keep the clay attached would be appreciated. I am using E6000 right now. Seems to work fine. I’ve been wearing some and bumping them around at work. Very sturdy.

May PCAGOE Challenge

The theme for this month’s PCAGOE challenge was Mixed Media so I used copper wire, string and paint to fulfill the requirement. Don’t ask me where the idea came from; it just popped into my head. Ok, it was spurred on by this tutorial showing how to make little octopus charms. How I got from those to this would hurt your brain and mine if I tried to explain. That happens though. I get clay in my hands and what I want to make takes a backseat to what the clay wants to become. I hope you enjoy the sculpture. It was fun to make.

“The Masked Whale Boy Comes Ashore”

Rabbits Have Invaded

I have had rabbits on the brain for a long time. Go figure. I am pretty sure I will keep expanding this series. New ideas just seem to pop into my head in the middle of the night. They are small. I use various 2×3 inch frames to house the sculptures. I can just see dozens of them covering an entire gallery. It would be so hilarious.

Heaven Has Apples

Spring Time Is For Fish

Rabbits Can Swim

Any Market for Weird Purses?

I’ve been encouraged to make more of my cigar box purses. I have a couple for sale and they get looked at a lot but no one picks them up. I try not to be too effected by this. I know that making things true to yourself is more important than trying to make things you think will sell.

So I traded some light poster work for a temporary salesman. He is willing to talk to some people about carrying some of my purses and hopefully he is better at it than I am. I am still too attached to my work and have a hard time watching the buyer’s eyes judge everything. I think this is why I love the internet so much. You can still interact with your customers, you have a broader customer base (if you can reach them) and there is a barrier between the work and the fear of rejection.

I find my fear of rejection funny. I mean, I have confidence in my work and my attention to quality. I think my stuff is fairly unique and I enjoy making it. But put me in front of a person who isn’t as enthusiastic about my work and suddenly I am full of doubt. I know it happens to everyone and plenty of people either get over it or ignore it enough to schlep their stuff around but I haven’t figured that part out yet.

I think for the next few I’ll base my purses off of these…

These are listed on Etsy so I can’t send them around to shops.

I made the figures first then decided to put them on purses. So I think I’ll work that way again; just start playing with the figures and see what happens then decide what to do with them. I made molds of some doll heads and various insects. Then I added skulls, flames and embellishments. I’m pretty sure that in the next few weeks I can have an extensive line of creepy purses and no two will be alike.