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Mold Making is Easy and Fun!

Mold making is fun and easy. It also helps open up new possibilities in so many crafty areas. Love your vintage button collection but don’t want to use it up? Have a necklace design in mind but can’t find enough beads to complete it? Love sculpting figures but can’t seem to reproduce your favorite creations? Well, there are several simple mold making techniques you can try to help solve those issues.

Simple one part molds can be used to capture textures or patterns with ease. Making buttons or cabochons is simple when you use a 2 part silicone mold making material. No need to worry with complex, multi-part molds and you can get to producing multiple parts in no time. This works great with clay or casting resin. This is what I tend to work with the most. Click on the picture to take you to Amazon.


Liquid latex can be used to make slightly more sophisticated molds of 3d objects as well and objects that require the ability to capture more detail than the 2 part silicone molds can provide. This can either be brushed on or poured, depending on the product.

2 part molds can be used to make molds of more complex figures or 3 dimensional objects that may need more support than the liquid latex can provide. These can be made out of plaster or silicone rubber and are great for casting objects out of resin or for use with clay.

Bubbles Be Gone!

Yeah! I finally figured out how to solve the bubble problem with my resin for good. And there was nothing fancy involved. In fact, it was my first solution in the very beginning but I didn’t make the commitment and pour. LOL. Ok, let me explain. I had a show last weekend at the Scoot Inn here in Austin. I met the other people who use the same belt buckle blanks here in town that I do. It’s funny because when the supplier is out they tell me it’s because someone else bought them all up and that the two of us keep buying each other out. Anyway, they told me to use Modge Podge to seal the paper into the buckle. I told them I was concerned about brush strokes and they swore they disappeared. That had been my first solution but once I coated the image I was appalled at the very noticeable brush strokes and never poured resin on top because I thought they would still be there after the fact and at the time I was still experimenting and didn’t have many to play with. So I learned a lesson. When experimenting, commit to the idea and follow it through. You might be surprised. Turns out the brush strokes do disappear. Can’t see them at all. And the air pockets stay put and away from my curing resin. I’m excited. I can create belt buckles now without fear of wasting product. Just wait til I have some time after the holidays. New designs are swimming in my brain.


I have genius friends. For some reason I thought I’d have to buy something expensive to fix my “bubble” problem. All I need is a giant bag, a box, some duct tape and a shop vac. I’m building a fabulously cheap vacuum chamber for my resin. No more bubbles and I get to feel like clever for a few minutes 🙂 Now I just have to see if it will really work.

I Never Thought…

… bubbles would become my enemy. Usually I find them charming. Children blowing them into each others faces always puts a smile on my face. I had them at my wedding instead of rice because they are so so friendly. When I learned to scuba dive, my favorite part was the bubbles coming off of everyone. There was something magical about how the bubbles reflect the sunlight from the surface and sparkle when they gurgle up over our heads.

Then I discovered resin. I looked at websites and books before buying all the supplies. I remember the passages about bubbles showing up. Bubbles? No big deal. How hard could playing with resin be? I’ve been making belt buckles and having so much fun designing them. But… But I have to check on everything constantly. I have a straw I carry with me when I’ve been making things with resin so I can go blow on the bubbles every few minutes. I will pop them all and feel very self satisfied until I go to check on my pieces. More bubbles. Where in the hell do they come from? Is it the chemical reaction causing them or do I keep battling unseen air pockets?

Can you be a bubble magnet? I have been dreaming of giant bubbles chasing me down the street and I dropped my magic straw down a manhole. I think maybe I should take a break and go back to something that needs less babysitting… Ha! I’m not sure anything like that exists. It took me 45 minutes to write this just because I kept getting up to blow on my belt buckles.

I’m just as obsessive about all the mediums I work with. I keep figuring a light bulb will go off and I will have a solution to the never ending bubbles. I’m pretty sure that I missed something in one of those books about battling bubbles. Something about swords and flamethrowers. Maybe a canon or two