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Getting Ready for Spring

Spring is around the corner and every year I get a fun burst of energy when the trees start budding. I have a new project in mind and wanted to be ready for it, so I figured it was time to clean up my studio.

I love peeking into other people’s work spaces so I figured a few of you might want to see mine. My main goal was to move my big desk over by the window so I could utilize the natural light. To do that I had to move my sewing table, rotate a bookshelf and move a few other storage pieces. My big shelf had also become a dumping ground for random stuff I needed to put away properly. And, yes, I know I have a lot of crap … er … supplies.


Five hours later…



Yes, I mostly just shuffled things around because I’m not in the mood for a purge that will just result in me having to go buy whatever supplies I got rid of. But it feels like a whole new room and I’m excited to get to work on my next big project.

Stay tuned. I should have some fun news in a month or so.

Old Albums & Mysteries

After my maternal grandmother passed away last year I was given an old album. No one in my family could identify any of the people in it so if I didn’t take it the whole thing would have been tossed. It is in terrible shape. It’s torn, moldy, and falling apart. Despite all that I’m fascinated by it. It seems to be a special album just for cabinet cards and carte de visite, though there are a few tintypes and other formats scattered throughout.

insideInside, front cover inscribed with my great great grandmother’s name and address

I am still hopeful I can figure out who some of these people are. I started removing the cards and looking  for logos and studio names. When I googled a few only one name showed up. Louis Rice’s name appeared on a website that helps identify old photos for Fayette County, Texas. My family is mostly from Victoria County, Texas and there isn’t a similar website for that (yet?) so I thought I’d put up a blog post and see if anyone had more information.

coupleI’d like to get confirmation on the identity of these two folks.
It would be wonderful to find out that this was
Louis Gaugler & Anna Mueller Gaugler.
All I know is that the original images have
“Corpus Christi” written on the back but these
larger prints were made and colored later.

The rest of the images I’m posting show various cards with a wide range of photographers working in the area. Most are from Victoria but I’ve included any that I found with studio/photographer names, with the exception of an obvious family group stamped with a Connecticut studio. Right now I’m trying to focus on the photographers working in the Victoria, Texas area. Click on the picture groups to see them a bit larger if you’d like.