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My Etsy shop has been collecting dust for years now. It’s still empty as I write this but I’m sweeping out the cobwebs in preparation for the jewelry I’ve been making. I’m hoping to have it stocked by June. My sweet uncle has been helping me. He has a laser cutter so he’s been cutting out my designs for me. He also has an Etsy shop you should check out called BPaw’s Workshop. He can make all sorts of custom wood pieces.

So enjoy a sneak peek until I get these into my shop:









Down to the Wire

I feel like I’m in school again. I’ve got a show application deadline coming up soon and I’m in the home stretch of finally having work I want to submit. Because this has all been more experimental than anything I have been afraid that I would end up with nothing worth looking at. I still have some work to do once the wax sets but so far I like what’s going on.


 Toning the prints face down in gold toner.


Drying the printed blocks.


Adding wire to the backs of the blocks.


Waxed and waiting to set so they can be polished.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the update. Hopefully I’ll have some finished products in the next couple of days so I can get them photographed.

Wax On, Wax Off

Sorry about the title. I couldn’t help myself ūüôā I’m sure I’m about the 100th person to make that joke in reference to encaustic.

I am lucky enough to know many talented people in the Austin area. Christine Terrell of adaptive reuse and Tincaustics was sweet enough to show me the basics of encaustics so I could proceed on my current project. Here are some shots from our play date.


Christine’s wax pot, heated up and ready to go.


The color palette on an electric griddle.


Raw beeswax and resin.


An example of Christine’s beautiful work.


Hard to tell but I waxed the back of the watercolor paper to make it translucent. You can see the shadows from my fingers on the left hand side.


Fresh wax over the salt print on wood.


Salt print on wood after the wax was set and lightly buffed.

I will be posting up more salt prints on wood as soon as I figure out which images will benefit from this technique. I also hope to experiment with color and texture soon.

New Orleans, New Negative

I’ve been playing with a new negative. This is one of the¬†street performers I met while in New Orleans last year. I’m sure many people photographed him while he was there but I hope I’m one of the few using these old methods to make interesting pieces with his likeness. Meet Scarlet Ray Watt:

nola tissue 2

 The image has been printed to rice paper for a future encaustic experiment.

nola tissue

 Another view so you can see the translucency.

nola pretone

 Salt print, pre-toned, with an improperly printed negative. I forgot to reverse the image. Oops.

nola finished

 Salt print post-tone. Much nicer color in my opinion.

nola wood

¬†Salt print on wood. I searched and searched but couldn’t find anyone else who had tried this so I just double coated with¬†the salt solution, one coat of the silver and processed as normal. Seems to have worked.

These are experimental. I’ve been taking old negatives and digital files and using those to come up with techniques I may want to pursue in the future. ¬†I took this photo with a Holga. I have another shot I took with my digital that I like better so that one may get a more careful treatment. I’ll be learning some basic encaustic techniques soon so hopefully I’ll have some interesting things to show you in the next post or two.